Friday, December 5, 2008


Graci thinks English is so strange. Yesterday she tried spaghettios for the first time. She asked why they were called spaghettios, and I told her it was because they were shaped like little O's. She scrunched up her face and asked, "then why the other ones not called 'spaghetti-long-ones'?" (:


  1. Now that's a good question! This made me laugh out loud! It must be fun to have such a different perspective present in your home.


  2. That is so hilarious! We have similar conversations with Jonah about the same types of things we do in America. I have to agree with her!

  3. Hey Guys - I'm sitting here with Marie and Brittany and just read them your post - we're still laughing!

    hugs to you guy -

    aus and family

  4. sounds like it would make perfect sense.
    Her hair is beautiful! Does she want to keep it long?

  5. And she is exactly right. :~)

    Why aren't they called spaghetti long ones?

    I'm betting they *will* be called that in the Green household from now on! lol


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