Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What's in a name?

I have just a few minutes, so I'm going to answer one of the many questions we've had about Dang Xu Chu. Hopefully I'll get some time soon to sit down and write more details about him.

Are we giving him an American name? Yes. The problem is deciding on the name. Trying to find one that Jeremy and I and all the kids can agree on is a little tricky! So I am enlisting your help! Please take a good look at this sweet face and let us know what names come to mind!

A few of our favorite are Skyler, Dallas, and Thomas. Feel free to weigh in on those.

His middle name will most likely be Philip, after my dad and grandpa.



  1. As I started to read this post I thought:

    Oh, I hope they ask for opinions on names, I will tell them THOMAS.

    So, how excited that Thomas is in the running?

    I have always wanted to name our next boy Thomas and if we had a next boy he would have to be adopted. I mentioned this one day to my parents and my father was VERY offended that I would name an adopted baby after him.

    Yep, that's my parents in a nutshell. SOOO SUPPORTIVE!
    (don't even get them started on my joining the church!!) :-) :-)

  2. Congrats on your sweet BOY! The first name that came to my mind when I saw the picture was Connor. Not sure why, he just looks like a Connor to me! I love Thomas, too!

  3. I'm so excited to see that you guys are adopting again!! How exciting :)

    I like Thomas! I also think he kind of looks like a Jack/Jackson.

  4. Congratulations!!!!! Such exciting news! He is just darling. I love the name Thomas.


  5. Thomas, Thomas, Thomas :):):)

    He has such a little Green face...I love it!

  6. Congrats!!!! I think he does loo like a Jackson----Jaxon, or maybe Ryan....He is just precious.

  7. You guys are amazing!!! I have a hard time with my two and you are in bliss with 6. Congrats!! I think he looks like a Lucas/Luke. Good luck!!

  8. I think he looks like a Hayden. Can't wait to find out more about him. Congratulations!

  9. Hi Christi-
    We are coming up to SLC this weekend and would love to visit with you guys. What is your phone number so we can give you a call?

  10. He looks like a 'Skyler Philip' to me! I also second 'Luke' and 'Connor.' All three seem like really good fits. Was it this picture that you fell in love with?? He is too cute! He has an adorable smile!


  11. Tough one - I'm good with Thomas - but my first though was Samuel or Henry. OK - biased to Henry (by big brother who was killed in and accident in '68), but Samuel works for me. Yeah - Old Testiment, but the translation from Hebrew (OK - there's no precise translation but the one I like best is) "God has heard". (Samuel - son of Hannah - who prayed to God for the child 1 Samuel 1:20).

    Blessings on you guys!

    aus and co.

  12. Out of the list, I pick Thomas.
    My little brother is Tom & he's a great person. So, I'm a little biased to that one.

  13. ummm...obviously, with all the girls ending in 'i' and the boys (well, except for the cheese stands alone, Jeremy--haha) ending in er/or, it's gotta be Skyler.

    there. that was easy, huh? :~)

  14. Oh my goodness! I am SO happy for you guys! I guess you really were prophetic Jeremy when you said you would have like 8 kids! Some on earth and some in heaven--but still a family! That is wonderful you guys! I like Thomas too. Hey, we are coming to SLC the 27-29and would love to see you guys. Will you be around. Email me your number so maybe we could hook up somehow!

  15. What about Joshua? I don't know why but he looks like a Joshua to me. He is so cute!

  16. I vote for Trapper or Bridger, but I like really unique names just look at our kids' names.

  17. Why Change his name? Why not keep it the name is he is used too and already Identifies himself with?

  18. Could you please contact me. My nameis Julie and my email address is
    I have had email contact with a lady who is trying to contact you. She adopted a boy who she thinks was best friends with your son.


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