Thursday, December 11, 2008

What's Missing?

The kids were SO excited to make and share their "movie!" (: Be sure to pause the music at the bottom of the blog before you push play. Merry Christmas!!!


PS-- We fixed the pausing problem, so it should be smoother viewing now:)


  1. Yahoo!! He's coming home to such a fun family. There is obviously plenty of love for him there already!


  2. Congratulations! We are excited to hear your news. You are such a loving family. Merry Christmas!

  3. Wow!


    The Hale Family In McMinnville

  4. Congrats. I am so excited about your annoucement. We love and miss you!

  5. Yippee!!!I have waited so long for this announcement!!! We all gathered around to watch the video. The kids were screaming...he's so cute. I am so excited for you guys. What blessings these little guys are!
    Wish we were closer...miss you like crazy!

  6. We are so excited for you guys! CONGRATS!!! He is such a doll. We would love to hear more information about him. Are you going to have an adoption site for him too?

  7. That is wonderful news! Loved that song, too. Your kids are getting so big- it was fun to watch them on the video. It will be fun reading about your journey with him joining your family. Your family is so blessed!!

  8. I'm always moved to tears when I visit your blog.
    I'm so excited to meet chu chu and give him a giant hug.
    Christi and Jeremy, you are amazing. And what a blessing to have such amazing kids.
    Love you.

  9. Hey Christi - so I see why you said that 'it will make you smile' on the list serve!! So you are the first of 'our group' to 'come out' - and we just couldn't be happier for you guys! Ya'll are well on your way to a very very Merry Christmas!

    much joy - lots of love - many hugs -

    aus and family

  10. Wow! First of all, let me be the frist to nominate the screenwriter and actors for their Oscars. That was so cute! And what a great way to introduce your new little boy. He is so darling! I can't wait to meet him next summer. I am so happy that Graci can translate for him and keep up on her Chinese as they chat together about what crazy people these Americans are. :)

  11. We are soooo Happy for you!!!
    The Babets

  12. How exciting ... he's beautiful! Great to see everyone and have a wonderful Christmas! Laura B.

  13. Wow! What an exciting time for your family! You have an amazing family and we know he will have all the love he could hope for! He is so beautiful, what a wonderful Christmas blessing.

  14. I'm a little slow on the uptake here. I didn't have time to watch this the other day and today when I visited your site today I suddenly knew!!!! what your news was.

    Congratulations! Your little boy is priceless! He has a megawatt smile that lights up his photos!!!

    That must be how you 'know' a child is a 'Green'---the smile gives it away. :~)

    Looking forward to following your journey to Chu.

  15. Oh my gracious!!!! You brought tears to my eyes - yeah for you!! Yeah for him!!!

    We love you and miss you so much!


  16. What a perfect addition. He is the same age as Dylan, almost exactly. What a fun age! We are so happy for you. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas holiday!!!

    Teresa Duke


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