Thursday, January 8, 2009

More scotch tape fun...

I just logged on and saw Jer's entry about Parker taping the Ipod to his ears, and it reminded me of another fun picture. (: During the holidays, we tape our Christmas cards to our front door. One day, hoping to distract Jesi for a few minutes so I could get something done, I handed her a Christmas letter and asked if she would tape it up for me. I totally forgot about it until that night, when I found this--I had to laugh out loud!!


  1. haha. I have to agree-Scotch tape is a great kid entertainer!

  2. Way to go the extra mile and really make sure it was taped down good. You wouldn't want it to fall off! That is so cute! That must have really taken some time! What a great helper! Did you have any tape left;) I am glad you got that picture! Kids are the BEST!


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