Thursday, January 15, 2009


By the way, thanks for all your ideas on the header. All the ideas were helpful, but I am taking the easy route and letting Danyale do it for me! Thanks, Danyale!


  1. I would go that route, too, if I had it as an option! Ü

  2. Hey Guys - I just finished reading both posts - and then taking a couple minutes to get my head back together! You guys mean the world to us - and we are truly Blessed to know you! And it looks to me like you guys are really Blessed to have Chu as your son! We feel the Spirit and love and joy in your post - and REALLY understand your fears!! And once or twice we've known what Francis of Asissi called 'perfect joy' that you experience after prayer with your son - treasure and hold that forever! Oh so happy for you guys - and we'll keep you in our prayers!

    Oh - and on the picture - that's fine (coward!!)

    hugs and loads of love!

    aus and co.


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