Monday, February 9, 2009

Jesi loves...

The kids have some very simple chore charts that they are supposed to check off on a daily basis. The more chores they complete each week, the higher their allowance is that week. Last night I was going over the charts with the kids and seeing how much they had earned. I had each child come in individually with the containers they have for their money (spending, savings, college fund, etc.). As I went over this with Jesi, she was sitting in my lap. We were all done and had just shut her spending money box. Jesi's back was to my tummy, and she said, in a particularly sweet voice, "I love you so much!" Feeling the rewards of spending quality time with my kids, I responded, "Thank you, Jess." Her reply? "I wasn't talking to you! I was talking to my money!" Well, at least I know where I stand:)


  1. That sounds like a Reader's Digest quote to me. So cute.... I love that girl! (We know she loves you most of all, Jer.)

  2. Whoa! But you have got to love it! And just somehow I think you are placed a mite higher than that!

    hugs to all -

    aus and co.


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