Sunday, March 22, 2009

We love Ferron!

We spent the weekend in Ferron with my parents and had such a good time! It is always so good to go home. I think myself very lucky to have a husband who would suggest going to his in-laws for the weekend!! He loves it there as much as I do. The kids had fun going on "adventures" (exploring around Grandpa's farm). We packed a picnic and drove to see some Indian writings, and the kids had a great time hiking the red cliffs. They also loved playing ping pong, putting together an erector set, playing board games, cooking with Grandma, getting ice-cream from Gilly's, and of course, watching March Madness. (:

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for making it so much fun to bring our family there-- we love you!


  1. Ferron is the best! I have some really great memories of Ferron from over the years. I don't think I've been there since Leslie's wedding shower! Glad you all had fun. :)

  2. We have to keep in touch better. We were in Ferron too this weekend! Too bad we missed each other.


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