Thursday, May 14, 2009

Falling in love all over again!

I got the most amazing phone call on Monday, and it has had me smiling ever since. Let me start at the beginning. A few weeks ago, I was just DYING for some new info on our sweet little Chu Chu. Anything. Updated measurements, a picture, word that he was doing well-- I just needed something. It is so difficult to be waiting for someone we already love so much and have so little information on how he is. Well, I googled his orphanage, to see if I could possibly find a picture of it. What I found, is that there is an American adoption agency that has volunteers there in his city! I emailed them, praying that they might know something about our son. Well, on Monday I got a call from a very sweet lady, who after verifying that we were indeed talking about the same boy, told me that YES, she did know him. In fact, she has HELD him! She was there last summer and she KNEW OUR BOY!

My heart was swelling as she told me how much their staff loves our little guy. She said that there was something very special about him, and that they had prayed over him while there at his orphanage, and have continued to since coming home. Not only that, but she contacted the staff there, and they took pictures and gave us updated measurements. So these pictures were actually taken THIS WEEK! Imagine that! What a blessing to a mom just dying for a shred of news. She told me she would email me the pictures, and I was a mess for the next little while as I waited for them.

It was worth it.

Are you ready to see the sweetest little smile in the world???

You can click on the picture to make it big! (;

I cannot look at these sweet pictures without smiling myself. He has my heart. I love every square inch of him! I just want to eat him up!!!!!

Just when I thought I was on top of the world with these brand new fun photos, I got another email from the same woman, who told me that one of her coworkers has VIDEO of our boy! Imagine that! I have contacted him and am anxiously awaiting seeing sweet Chu Chu in action.

I am so grateful and indebted to these wonderful people who have done so much for our son. Because of them, Chu Chu is in a situation where he is in a foster care setting much of the time. He has been loved and prayed over for some time now. It is such a good feeling to know that there are others out there who are watching over him when I cannot. What an amazing blessing from a loving Father in Heaven.

P.S. As far as names go, I think I have lost the "Thomas" battle. We are now toying with the name Alexander Chase Green. It has been so difficult to come up with something that everybody likes, and this may be it! We could call him either Alex or Xander, or most likely, both. I personally like Xander, as it would fit with Taylor and Parker, and I think it's unique and fun! Also, his Chinese name, Xu Chu, and American name would be kind of similar-- Xu Chu and Xander Chase. I love Alex too. What do you think? (:


  1. That's a great name! You guys were so clever to match it with his Chinese name. I like both Alex and Xander.

  2. Well - that's the 'rest of the story'! On names - I didn't realize that our boys shared at least 'half' of a name (Chu) - but how exciting that independently we'd both settle on Chase too (Chase Frederick Chu Yurui once he's home!) Yeah - I like that. Alexander - good strong name, Greek - protector of men (with the connotation of 'all men' or 'man kind') yeah, good one! Alex or Xander both work for me too!

    lots of joy (and love) for you guys here!

    aus and co.

  3. You know my vote on the name. Xander. Love it.
    I'm so anxious for you! and him!
    That's amazing you got updated pictures! WOW!

  4. I just showed Trey his picture and said, "look Trey it's your cousin Xander!" He got a huge smile on his face and asked who it was and I said, "It's Taylor and Parker's brother!" He got so excited and kept asking questions. He's looking forward to meeting his new cousin!

  5. Oh Christianne I know how you feel right now...on top of the world!!! I feel that for you!

    He is so precious!!!! Like I have said before...he is such a Green!

    I love Xander. It fits perfectly.

  6. Wow. What a mighty God we serve!
    He is adorable!

  7. Well, of course, his smile is amazing!! That's the hallmark of a Green child. Period. :~)

    Now, for the name. I'm all about the Xander Chase, ohyesIam!! For all the reasons you mentioned...pefection!

  8. OK, so he is so adorable! His personality just shines as he looks really happy and a little mischievous. So cute!! We can't wait! We love the name Alexander Chase. Alex and Xander would fit perfectly. How exciting!! He is really a special child and it is wonderful that he has felt the love of others in his life. I'm sure he feels the love of his Heavenly Father as well. Love to all.

  9. Love it - congrats! Next step ... hugs and kisses. Hope the time goes quickly before you get this sweet little man home.

  10. He is so cute I can't stand it. I totally understand your comment that you just want to eat him up!

  11. Gosh I wish we could live close again so I could hear you tell this in person. I am so excited for you. I remember each time Heather got information on Max how neat it was..and you with Ellie! Can't wait till he's in your arms forever!
    Xander is precious...he is precious!

  12. He has a name why change it? Just give him a middle name, if you feel like he needs something else. He is already getting your last name when he gets adopted. So that is new, and American.


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