Sunday, May 24, 2009

I have finally updated Elli's site...

...and am pledging to be better at keeping it up. (:

(As Jennifer put it well, Elli may not be forsaken, but her blog is!)

Click HERE to read.

Also, being Memorial Day weekend, we are of course thinking of our sweet, amazing loved ones who have passed on. We are especially missing those we have lost in the last few years:

Tiffany Rose (Jeremy's darling little sister-- died at age 22 in a car accident)

Grandpa Larsen (my grandfather-- a WWII veteran and amazing man)

Grandpa Green (Jeremy's grandfather-- a hard worker with a quick wit)

Grandma Nelson (my grandmother and one of my most treasured friends)

Keltson Blackburn (our sweet neighbor and Taylor's primary teacher)

and of course our darling Jacob and Emily.

We love you.


  1. What a wonderful tribute to loved ones. We love you! I liked how you said Grandma was one of your most treasured friends. I miss her so much today.

  2. Beautiful tribute guys - yeah we miss a lot of our family too - but we know they really are with us always!

    hugs - aus and co.

  3. Christianne - I need to talk with you - could you e-mail me with a number for you? thanks! Kim

  4. Loved your video. Remember it like it was yesterday... You've continued to add such beautiful children to your family since parting with Jacob and Emily. Seeing that picture of Graci at their grave is such a beautiful reminder that there are silver linings in every dark cloud. Sure miss you!

  5. That was beautiful!! I love your blog its so inspiring I always cry or laugh or just want to be a better person after going to your blog!!! I miss you and love you soo much!!!


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