Thursday, July 30, 2009

Problem Solved

The Lord provides a way. The very next morning after Christi wrote of our need for a laptop in China, my friend, Boyd, called and said they had a laptop we could use as long as we needed. In fact, he said that the night before, he and his wife had been discussing just what they should do with this laptop they weren't using. So we'll be able to keep in touch in China:)

We're getting so excited. Before going to get Graci, and now as we prepare to get Xander, I can't help but wonder what is going through their little minds. Are they excited? Terrified? Do they have any clue what is about to happen to them? Will he like me? Will he miss the orphanage as much as my Parker or Taylor would miss our family if they were taken to China to live with a family there? What challenging, challenging times little Xander is about to experience. And yet I have to think he will one day be very glad that this change has happened to him.

Pray for him.


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  1. Somehow I had no doubt that God would provide! You and me - we think a lot alike - I've spent hours wondering what our kids really think about all of this - just how scared were they - are they still afraid now - will it ever really be 'normal' for them - what the heck is 'normal' anyway - you can see where this is going! I do know this - they sure seem to be happy and the hugs I get every day have got to be honest and full of love, that's the only way to get them to feel that good!

    You guys going to post a schedule for us so we can follow a little closer?

    hugs - lot of love -

    aus and co.


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