Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jeremy didn't mention...

Graci's broken toe-- as in really, truly broken
The van's broken door
Our broken camcorder (just stopped working!)
My injured knee
The blue Chinese dress that got mixed up with some very cute, formerly white clothes

Seems about right for this week, as we just recovered from:
the bathroom flooding
our rental house leaking
the refrigerator breaking down completely

After the storm comes the rainbow, right?! I think ours is coming Monday morning, bright and early!! (:


  1. Poor Gracie - and the cloths - well it never rains but it pours. Ya'll can sleep on the plane!! BTW - who all is going - everybody? We (read I) kind of have that fantasy of the next 'family picture' being someplace in China!!

    hugs - aus and co.

  2. Wow! Is it legal to give everyone a mild tranquilizer and sleep for 15 hours on a plane?

  3. The joy of the Lord is my strength...and yours.
    there is always a fight to discourage us right before something BIG from the Lord.
    This is pretty big!
    Safe travels!

  4. Christi - you are the greatest. I would have checked out by now. I love the comment right before mine. So true. Satan is hard at work - what a compliment! You know it's something worth pursuing when Satan is working so hard! Remember Nephi 3:7! Thank you for posting - It really helps us through our own trials.
    Melanie Farr Lemon

  5. I also love Leslie's comment on the last post about Heavenly Father getting creative with your trials. You ARE strong.

  6. (I Kings 19-*seriously* paraphrased)

    Just after Elijah had the big God vs. Baal showdown at the altar, he crashed and burned and went to the desert in fear for his life (never mind that he had just seen His God rock it against Baal).

    And was God ever mad at him; He was *smitin*' mad!!

    haha Nah. Just kidding.

    In His patience and mercy and love and tenderness, God sent an angel to minister to Elijah in the desert. Elijah was made to sleep and eat. That's it. Twice.

    And when Elijah was refreshed, he went 40 days and 40 nights on the strength he received from God's angel.

    Lord, may it be so for Christianne and Jeremy. I know that You desire to bless them with the addition of Xander into the family. And to bless Xander by placing him with a loving family.

    But, Lord...they need mental, spiritual, emotional and physical refreshment. They are pretty spent.

    I pray enough supernatural refreshment to last at least 40 days (and personally, I'm asking for more **wink**).

    We know that you have not brought them so far into the journey to abandon them, to smite them, to respond harshly to their humanity.

    We know You will sustain them with every thing they need and even with blessings they have not thought to ask for.

    We look forward with great joy and anticipation to the big ole heavenly BANG when the Green family expands by one more!

    Excited for you, friends!!! Safe travels and happy blogging!


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