Sunday, August 23, 2009

We made it!

Hey everyone, just a quick post to let you know we made it safely home. As seems appropriate this trip, our flight from China was late and we missed our connection in LA. Instead of arriving home Friday night, we got here Saturday morning. We're EXHAUSTED!!! The boys and Xander love each other tons. It's way cute to see them together. Xander is very curious, getting into a lot of things, including many toys/games/etc. that belong to individual kids, but everyone is being very patient with him. We'll post more later, but I just wanted everyone to know we're safe:)



  1. Welcome home guys - I'd say it was the 'trip of a life time' (I maybe even said that about ours?) but it was at least the 2nd trip of a lifetime! Glad to have you back - looking forward to one day meeting Xander in person!

    Great joy and loads of love - hugs -

    aus and co.

  2. Praises for your safe return!!
    Blessings of SLEEP during the night hours and energy to stay awake during the daylight ones!

  3. Happy you are home and praying that the Lord would kick jetlag's booty for you both!!

  4. Finally got to a computer after being on vacation for 10 days. It was so fun to catch up! Can't wait to meet X-man! Thanks for your posts and pictures. Jesi's hair has gotten so long. She looks so grown up. The pictures of all three kids together are too cute for words. Of course they are!

  5. Glad you made it back safe! It was fun to read about your adventure! Can't wait to me X-man!!

  6. So excited to see the sweet face of Xander right where he should be! He is a CUTIE! I have so much catching up to do to see how life has been in your home. Such busyness is ours has left me little time to "visit" through blog land. I think of you .. praying that your transition goes beautifully for Xander!


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