Monday, October 12, 2009

The following conversation actually took place...

(After I had gone down to check on Elli for the night)

Jeremy, calling from the bottom of the stairs: "Christi"

C: "What?"

J: "I need your help!"

C: "What happened?"

J: "Just bring a new diaper, new sheets, and some kind of disinfectant!"

C (after walking into Elli's room): "I don't think I can deal with this."

J: "How much would we have to pay someone to make it worth their while to be bothered by a phone call at 10:00 PM, come over to our house and clean this up? Is there anyone in our neighborhood who needs an extra $300?"

I'll leave the rest to your imagination.


PS. We were out of wet wipes...


  1. Well, as Christi would say, "Of *course*", you were out of wet wipes. sigh Sorry guys.

    FWIW, $300.00 wouldn't buy me a plane ticket out there and even if it would, this little bit of fun couldn't wait till morning when the flights leave again.

  2. You should be used to it by now.jk :)

  3. wish i could find my magic wand. Oh man, i can't believe it!!!! You guys are my heroes

  4. Jer - as sick as you were in Vegas I would have thought this would be a picnic! :)

    hugs - aus and co.

  5. I think we need to move into your neighborhood. At this point in our life, we would be there at ANY hour for $300 to clean up any mess - we'd be on 24-hour watch. Would this be regular work? Hmmm..... Any homes for rent by you? Ü

  6. Oh my word that is funny. Not funny that you had to deal with it but funny because you thought $300 might buy your ways out.
    Life. It's a trip!

  7. I think Elli could confidently be classified as a pooh-aholic! The question is...Is she a recovering addict???hehe H

  8. oh boy. was this the same day as when x climbed on top of the dresser only to have it tip over and spill out not only the frogs but all the frog water ALL over the bedroom (good thing the dresser was caught by bed and x didn't get hurt) AND the same day that x poured a whole jar of salsa into a bowl and ended up getting mixed up between 2 jars?
    If it were and I already knew those incidents had happened I would PROBABLY clean it up for $300... ya know, just so you guys wouldn't go crazy and stuff...

  9. Hi Green family!
    This post was hilarious!!!
    (Probably not for you at the time though...sorry!)
    Wanted to let you know, we set our blog to if y'all want to follow us just email me your email address to


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