Friday, February 19, 2010

Can I Whine?

Just a little bit? You guys are my friends, right? And if I annoy you, you can just x-out of the window you're reading this in. First of all, I know we are so blessed. I wouldn't trade my life for anyone else's. I mean that in all sincerity. I have the perfect wife for me. I have the perfect kids for me. I have the perfect family for me. I have been blessed with an unbelievable job. Our importing business is growing at a crazy rate. I have an understanding and testimony of the the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My life is amazing.

So now for my whine.:) This was supposed to be our valentine's weekend. I arranged over a month in advance for my in-laws to come up and stay with the kids overnight. I made reservations at a restaurant and Bed and Breakfast. I did all of this without Christi knowing, and then told her a few days before Valentine's Day. We were both so excited for a night away:) Of course there was never any question that Graci's surgery would take precedence over anything else, but it was out of the blue, and we only found out the middle of last week that today would be the day. We have wonderful insurance and tremendous healthcare providers and I can't stress enough how grateful I am to be Graci's dad, but I must admit that I'm missing our would-be getaway.

On the other hand, the only reason I even have time to sit here and quietly type away at the computer is because of a wonderful friend who was thoughtful enough to invite our five other kids to dinner. And insist that I leave them there without me. That I needed an hour to myself at home. The quiet is nice. It is not a frequent thing around here:) Thanks so much, Amara! (And thanks so much to you, too, Linda! It truly is the thought that counts.)

Christi and I went to Hawaii in 2003. It was amazing. Since then, we've had a lot of trips with the kids (and a lot of trips to go GET the kids:). I like to tell her: "Honey, I'm sure we'll have an extended getaway, just the two of us, again. I believe I may be free in the fall of 2027:)

I love my family so much! This morning at 5:55am, Jesi came in and took her usual place between Christi and me in the bed. She actually prefers me:) She cuddled up close and I moved away for a little more room. She cuddled up close again and I moved away...until I was literally on the edge of the bed and knew I wouldn't get any sleep. So I got up and went to play basketball with the group of slightly insane guys who are at the church at 6am, 3 days a week. It was fun.

When I got back home, Jesi was still laying in our bed, mostly asleep. I gazed at her in awe for a moment, and then her eyelids fluttered. Through the tiny slits, she could see that I was looking at her, and she got that perfect, sweet, loving grin on her face that those of you who know her know quite well. I laid down next to her--and she absolutely THREW her arms around me and gave me an unbelievably wonderful hug. I would (and do) give up a lifetime of Hawaiian getaways for moments like these. By the way, did I tell you that I have six kids? I get these moments times SIX. How lucky am I?



  1. Great post Jeremy. You are a great dad!

  2. I am sure that God must think we (His kids) cannot be, wanting more kids back in my nest and yet, thrilled that they are all successfully, happily living their lives. You, just wanting an uninterrupted 36 hour window of time with your wife and no interlopers. :)

    Yeah. Grass is greener and all that. I (like you) get that I am blessed. We also have SIX kids and 2 daughters in law and one grandson and soon to be two grand-daughters. How could I ask for more?

    And yet...well, you know. :D

    Good news is, God is big enough to take our gratitude, mixed with whining and turn it into spiritual maturity. And He will hold no grudges. And He will continue to view us with great love and compassion. And He will continue to desire to bless us with the desires of our hearts.

    What amazing God we serve. I'm betting He will make it up to you, Jeremy. Isn't that what you would strive to do for one of your precious children? :)

  3. Jer, We have a lot more weekends available and even more time in the summer. You'll still get your getaway. We love you. You're both wonderful parents to our grandchildren and, Jer, we're happy you want to get away alone once in a while with our daughter.

  4. What a sweet husband. God will fix it!

  5. Hey Bro - you're entitled to a little whine from time to time - we all are (it's a guy thing - I really do understand!) I mean why would some guy whine about some time along with his best friend who also happens to be his wife - nothing to whine about there! After all - we're Dad's first -

    love you bro -


  6. You need lessons on how to properly whine. That was NOT whining. :)


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