Thursday, May 20, 2010


First of all, if you haven't read about Graci's wish, be sure to scroll down and do so!

Now... This will seem so random and out of the blue, but it is something we have been working on for a long time! We are so excited to share with you a new project of ours! By clicking HERE or on the "Buy a toy, bless a life" picture on your left, you can read about what we have been up to! To put it in few words, if you purchase a Perplexus toy through this website, $3.00 will be split between two of our favorite organizations, "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" and "Chinese Children Charity Fund." We hope that you will feel free to put the button on your own blogs and help us generate traffic. (: This is a toy that you can buy at Target and ToysRUs, etc. but only by buying through this link will you be donating to these wonderful charities. Plus, you will be helping us raise money for the adoption of our little Lexi!!

Let me put in a shameless plug for this toy! It is fabulous. Really, it is! It has no batteries and no small parts-- just throw it in the car and your children will be completely entertained, unless they are fighting over who gets it next. In that case, buy more than one! (: All ages love it-- including adults.

We so hope to make a sizeable donation to these charities-- thank-you for your help!!


PS. We thought it important to point out that we began this project long before the Make-a-Wish Foundation came into our lives. We obviously now have a very special place in our lives for Make-a-Wish and hope to incorporate it into our charity page at some point in the future. It is actually way more complicated than you would think to do so, or we would do it right away. We love you, Make-a-Wish!


  1. Great pictures!!!! I love the models!! And for anyone who wants to know my mother (83) can do it all the way to 100. I haven't made it yet. Everyone who tries it likes it, so please buy some and donate to 2 worthy causes.

  2. I was going to say how good Grandma is at the game, but your mom beat me to it! We all play it every Sunday evening while we visit Grandma!! Fun game! :)

  3. If that picture doesn't move a million units, nothing will! Shameless plug, big brother. :)

  4. I got to your blog through Mormon Mommy Bloggers. I do not know you. I wish I did. What an incredible example of faith you are to complete strangers!! I have been reading on your blog for awhile now!! And...I love the music uplifting. That's for puting it all into perspective for me.
    From: A mommy with two adopted children

  5. I'll try to put up a link over the weekend - and I know where birthday presents will be coming from!

    hugs - aus and co.

  6. Aus beats me to commenting all the time and I'm so jealous of how he can find time to keep up, I MISS seeing all the wonderful posts and photos! We LOVE your family! We are so excited for all your upcoming events, daughter! Finding a surprise BABY fish again in our tank when we don't have a breeding pair, last time we found 6 and Chase was our 6th but I so wish we were managing as well as you! You all are amazing! the JOY in everyone's eyes keeps us going! We can't thank you enough for your ongoing friendship!
    Mrs Aus...Marie


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