Wednesday, June 9, 2010


It's a simple rule, really. Everyone gets to have ONE pair of shoes in the basket by the front door. The remainder of their shoes should go in their bedrooms.

Apparently, this is a difficult concept to understand, as the shoe basket typically looks like this:

My cute husband is the biggest culprit of all-- not so much because he has the most shoes as because he has the most massive shoes.

And no, this picture wasn't staged. (:



  1. Is it wrong if I giggle?
    Just add ONE more pair of shoes..from China preferrably...and the picture will be complete :)

  2. Bigger basket, my dear. Nothing else comes to mind (except to giggle like Holly--haha).

    ::waves at Holly:: Hi, Holly! Christianne, Holly and I are cyber friends already...

  3. And then everyone avoids getting a pair out of the basket, because then they'd knock the rest over and have to recreate the perfect balancing act, right?

    James says: At least they're all in the basket. They understand that part of the rule.

  4. haha!
    (at least you have a basket though!)

  5. You're funny:) If I come to visit should I even wear shoes?

  6. I have the solution - our pile is at the back door into the yard...and of course the pile extends across the door so dad falls over them trying to do things like put the dog out, try for a cup of coffee on the deck, ya know - just basic stuff....and after repeated warnings / bribes / orders / directives / memos / and the like....I throw them out the door - regardless of the weather or anything else. "Dad I can't find my shoes"...."look in the back yard"...."Why'd you do TTTHHHAAATTT"...."I told you so"...."But I didn't think you would"...."Sweet - you can stop at the first four words"....

    It only happens once - at least when it's raining at the time! ;)

    hugs - aus and co.

  7. Oh honey It won't be long till those boys of yours will outgrow their daddy's feet! I promise it's right around the corner!

  8. Hi, I just found you thanks to MckMama! We have the same problem except we don't have a basket to put the shoes in. My husband is also the biggest offender with the biggest shoes!


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