Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Distinguished Tastes

Parker comes up to me yesterday and says:

"Dad, Michael Buble is one of my new favorite singers!" We just bought his most recent CD and Parker goes around singing "Haven't Met You Yet."

Not exactly what your average 9-year-old is listening to, but I must say I like it:)



  1. Michael Buble is one of my fav singers too!! Parker has some great mature taste! What a man!!

  2. Well now I gotta google and download ... ah well....

    hugs - aus and co.

  3. OK - just checked out MIchael Buble's web page - watched the lyric video of "I Just Haven't Met You Yet" - wow....Parker has some good and maybe sophisticated tastes - not that this surprises me, he's kind of a deep guy!

    And I got the surface meaning of the lyrics - Marie and I, You and Christi - I could go on - glad that we met our respectives....

    But - by the end of the song I couldn't help but think of our kids - those that we have and those that (at least in our case maybe) we haven't met yet....

    Wow - puts a different 'look' on the day!

    love and hugs around -

    aus and co.

  4. Parker and I can bond over our love of Michael Buble! I'll bring all my CDs to the beach.

  5. I LOVE Michael Buble ... and of course, love Parker too!


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