Sunday, August 29, 2010

Elli and Graci update

I finally put a new post up on Elli's website:

Also, I promised to write about Graci's cardiology appointment. Her ECHO showed some improvement in one area, but mostly looked about the same. Her cardiologist consulted with other doctors on her "team" and they decided to start her on a new blood pressure medication. They were worried about some side effects and were struggling a bit as to whether the benefits outweighed the risks, but she began it today and seemed to tolerate it well. So that's good! She will go back in six weeks for another ECHO and EKG and he will decide whether or not to "allow" her to go to China. That's where we stand...


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  1. Morning guys - like you I guess I'm pleased about Graci's checkup - kind of a mixed feeling I guess - I want so much for her to be happy AND healthy (yeah - I think she's got the happy part!) - we'll keep her (and all you guys) in our prayers. It never occurred to me that her health might restrict her travel - I certainly hope she gets a green light!

    hugs and love to all -

    aus and co.


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