Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Love this clip...

I was watching this little video and really identifying with Rochelle. Adoption, special needs, religion, etc. Then when she got to the part about hitting teachers, I just wanted to hug her! Just a little comment, but it made me want to laugh and cry at the same time. She said it in a way that reminded me that "it's all good!" It's ok that Elli basically spit all day in school today. Life goes on.

So grateful for people who understand, even if I don't know them! So grateful to know the beauty of having special needs kids in my home. So grateful for the teachers who give so much to my kids and who sincerely love them. So grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ.

(you can double click on the video to make it bigger)

PS Not so grateful for shingles. I have an appointment in the morning. Thanks for all your sweet comments and advice. I wouldn't have made an appointment if it weren't for reading them..


  1. That was a great three posts - sorry I missed them in real time - but hey, such is life from time to time!

    Wasn't that about the coolest video!! It's always great to see someone who "get's it" - yeah - it really doesn't matter!

    And yeah - Xander is a "little emperor" - maybe he and Chase can both run for congress or something and get the country running right! Makes me a little proud of him too!

    Glad that you are getting yourself to the doctor. While there isn't a cure there are some decent treatments to manage the symptoms, and you may as well get into them because I don't see yourself getting to manage the primary triggers for a minute or two! ;)

    love you guys - aus and co.

  2. How odd, I have shingles right now too for the first time. I, too, thought it was for older people. Sigh. At first I thought that a little bugs had gotten me while I was weeding, then I thought it was poison ivy, but nope....
    Did they put you on the anti-viral? It's supposed to help with pain afterwards.
    feel better.

  3. ohh precious video-your right I can see how you relate-except you have a few more little blessings to add to the mix! Love it


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