Friday, October 22, 2010

2nd place...

Me: "Thank you for choosing me to do your homework with."
Jesi: "I was going to choose mom, but she was asleep."
Me: "Oh."
Jess: "Did you know you can't choose people who are asleep to do homework with? So I haved'd to choose you!"

Thanks, Jess. At least I know where I stand...




  1. Just love reading about your lives. And true, we soon find our place with our children, and that changes everyday. Ha, Ha,! As Christie said as a quote, "You have got to laugh alot, but tears help clear the air occassionally."
    I had an unexpected gall bladder surgery last week but am doing fine. Glad to have the pain gone.
    Hope to see you at Alena's Halloweeen Party Mon., 25th. Love

  2. Dude - that's where we dad's always finish - at least for a minute!! But ya know - I'm good with that...

    hugs - aus and co.


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