Wednesday, November 24, 2010


It looks much more like Christmas outside than Halloween, but I need to catch up!

I was fortunate enough (ha, ha) this year to have several occasions to dress up the kiddos. Before Halloween Day ever hit, we had dressed up for a family Halloween party, the school's fall festival, Make-a-Wish trick-or-treat night, mutual night, Elli's kindergarten, and dance classes. We forgot about dressing up for pack meeting, darn it. (; I think over the course of the week, we wore 26 different costumes, if I'm remembering correctly. Yikes!

Halloween night was actually quite fun. It was rainy and a bit cold, but it cleared up enough to go trick-or-treating. Our big kids decided they were indeed big this year, and opted to go with friends. Ah, the cutting of the apron strings begins. As much as I missed them, I must say it was great to just have "the littles." No worrying about our slow pace, no trying to get to as many homes as possible-- just laid back trick-or-treating. Elli was especially fun. She got the hang of it very quickly. She might be a slow learner, but not when it involves candy! She walked up to every single door (with assistance) and said "trick-or-treat." Besides her constantly trying to eat candy with wrappers on, it was a success! Xander and Jesi were so much fun to watch. They are such little buddies and everything is so exciting and adventurous to them. I love it.

We have a very fun neighborhood to trick-or-treat in. One house on our street always grills hot dogs (for parents, too!) and they were even out there in the rain with a big tarp. Another house does a spook alley in their garage, and yet another (good friends of ours) serves hot chocolate and homemade cookies. I'd say that's above average trick-or-treating!

Somehow Elli escaped getting her picture taken that night. I think maybe she wasn't ready when we were taking everyone elses? I don't remember... ): She was a very cute Rainbow Brite.

Next year we'll have EIGHT to dress up--this year will seem like a cake walk!!!!

Tennessee Fan

The Invisible Man

Jer and I wore our pjs. Notice his one-piece with a flap in back. (:

Xander had been several superheroes throughout the week, so I assumed that's what he'd be on Halloween. About 10 minutes before we left to go trick-or-treating, he declared he was going to be a ghost. Luckily, it was a costume I happened to have handy...

Jesi had known for months she wanted to be a "queen cheetah." I don't know where she came up with that, but it turned out cute-- and she planned her costume all by herself. (:

The clan, minus a few. Graci left to go to her friend's house before we took individual pics of her.

Happy Halloween!


  1. I love the TN fan!
    And very great costume for an invisible man.

  2. I just stumbled on your blog. I was so impressed when Ellie came to our door and said trick or treat. It was so fun to see how much progress she has made.

  3. OK....a little dated - but with pics like that it was worth the wait!! Who had more fun tho - you or the kids? ;)

    Hugs to all - and where are you guys on schedule - about a week to go? ;)

    hugs to all - Happy Thanksgiving - and love -

    aus and co.

  4. Your invisible man was so clever! I am happy to hear that Elli caught on. I wonder what she thought of it all. Does she wonder why you can't go get candy door-to-door every day?


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