Thursday, November 11, 2010

Travel Approval!!

My emotions are so mixed up right now! We received travel approval today for Alexis and Sophia! Woo-hoo! The news we've been working for ever since we saw their sweet little faces so long ago! However, we were hoping, hoping, hoping to leave next week, or at least by Thanksgiving. Instead, it looks like we'll be leaving on December 1st or 8th, depending on when we can secure a consulate appointment. Ugh. I know it's only a week or two difference, but there were many reasons (including work, school, finances, holidays, dance recitals, basketball, etc) why November would have been better.

Anyway... I know I need to just shake it off! I know this is ridiculous to feel even a little bummed. There is so much to be excited about!! We're finally going to get to hold our darling new little daughters. (:(:(: We have waited so long and it's almost here! And come January, Lexi and Sophi will be here with us regardless of when we traveled. So exciting, right??!!!

So why can't I feel that way...




  1. OK!!! I can feel that way for BOTH of us!!! (squeeeeal)

    In 90 days, I will not matter one iota which day you traveled.


    And who knows? The way God loves your family, you may be able to leave Monday! LOL

  2. Hi there. I have been following your blog for quite a while now and really love your family's story. I can understand your anxiety about travelling at a time that puts extra stress on all of you. I think that sometimes we get so hung up in adoption about getting our child at the soonest possible moment that we forget there are options. We have three born in China children in our family as well as three born in Canada children. We try to balance everyone's needs when making decisions and the truth is that sometimes the needs of the children currently under our roof are the ones we consider most when making a decision of when to travel. With one of our adoptions we simply told our agency that we would not be able to travel for a month later than what our TA allowed us to. It was no problem and did not mean that we loved our daughter waiting in China any less, it just meant that we were being practical about what everyone involved in the situation needed. I can say that I firmly believe that it did not make one ounce of difference to her that we met her a month later than we could have, and in fact it made her home coming so much more pleasant because going a month later meant that she come home at a time that was so much calmer and when we could focus our energies on her and what she needed. Although I don't think it is what Terynn meant when she said it won't matter a bit in 90 days, but she is right, it won't matter a bit, so travel when you feel the time is right for your whole family. Your little girls are not thinking about their adoptions the way you are, they will wait for you. Your children here are the ones who will remember the missed dance recitals and the frantic confusion of a Christmas season that involved just a few too many things happening at once. You can probably tell that I am very practical. I love God and orphans and big families, but I also believe that God gave me a good brain to use and figure out what will make things work best for my whole family, not only a precious new addition. Whatever you decide, God bless you and keep you on this most exicting adventure. Thanks so much for sharing it with the rest of us.

  3. Ooh, I am impressed with the way Anonymous thinks. Very wise advice . . . and worth some consideration. As for me, I am thrilled to accompany you anytime you are ready. As you know, my schedule is super flexible, and I just feel so blessed that you invited me to be of help. And, personally, I am anxious to "get going." But I tend to think that in the rush to embrace these two new beautiful additions to our family, we may unintentionally overlook the needs of the beautiful children already at home. So, if you should decide it would take some pressure off you to go in January instead of December, I will be just fine with that decision. In any event, I trust and love and admire the both of you and will support you in whatever decision you make. Love, Dad.


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