Thursday, December 16, 2010


...BIG sigh of relief. We are seated on our flight from Guangzhou to Hong Kong. It is amazing how much energy it requires to get 4 young girls from a hotel to an airplane. Sophi was MAD this morning. She didn't get enough sleep (none of us did!) And she let us know how unhappy she was all through the airport. Fortunately, she is now asleep in Mama's arms. Lexi continues to have her everlasting smile, but also continues to flop down when we need her to walk, which makes everything just a little more interesting.

We've just begun the trip home, but I am already picturing myself leaned back on our couch Saturday afternoon watching the BYU bowl game with my boys:) I know I can make it through the next 24 hours, right. Prayers are appreciated. Thanks for all your love and support. See you in the USA!



  1. Hope you get the homecoming you want!! It has been a wonderful 'trip' for me, to watch your family grow (again).

    Safe travels ...

  2. At Hong Kong airport awaiting your arrival excited to see you!

  3. HOORAH!! Fair winds guys - can't wait to hear that ya'll are home safe and sound!

    love to all - aus and co.

  4. So happy that you get to see the Merediths (or at least Jen) in HK. What a great meeting that will be.

    Safe travels to all of you!


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