Sunday, December 12, 2010

And some more...

Sorry we haven't been able to post as many pictures as we would have liked during the trip. The connection is slow and unreliable, so it takes forever to get them posted. We also just post a few and then publish the post, because sometimes if we wait until we have a lot on the same post, we lose the connection and much of our work!

More from the Grottoes:

Our little rock star:

When Lexi decides she doesn't want to walk anymore, she just flops onto the ground. It can be quite the challenge to get her back up and on her feet!

Tired Papa!!!

Lexi said "Baba" and took my hand and held it:) How sweet!

Reading her book and chomping on licorice. An all-American girl:)

A stuffed animal in both hands. Life is grand...

OK, so the shower caps are mandatory...

How cute is that???


  1. Oh you guys are just fantastic - just so you know! We're really loving this - the only thing missing is us being there with happy for you guys!

    The pictures - they are so priceless - the love is just visible!

    we love you guys - great joy -

    aus and co.

  2. I've followed you all for a bit now but not sure if I've ever commented, but had to tell you that in the last few days coming here has left me crying tears of joy for your beautiful family. COngrats on two new additions and can't wait to see how quickly they flourish at home.

  3. Beautiful pictures! How old are Lexi and Sophi? The way she uses her feet are amazing!

  4. They are soo cute!!!! I just want to squish them!!!! I had the same desire to do that to Xander today at church! They are just soo sweet!

  5. Thanks so much for posting pictures--I know it's a pain but we all LOVE LOVE LOVE when we log on here and see them!!!!!!

    I am so so so so so so so excited for you guys to get home!!! I'm sure you are and aren't at the same time...with the jet lag adjustment and busy busy Christmas. Just think of Christmas morning at the Green home: craziness! Joyful! I am so excited for you!

  6. Wow! What precious children - they look so darling - it's hard to believe you are so far away and we're basically getting a play-by-play of your journey!!! I can't wait to hear about the bus and plane ride from you in person. We'll keep you all in our prayers!
    Thanks so much for the updates and photos! I'm sure it would be easier to just go to bed. The girls and I are constantly checking for more. :)

  7. Below is a link to a woman who went to our church, I am trying to find her so that you can have some BTDT help. Sorry this is taking so long, it slipped my mind in the chaos of this year.


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