Monday, December 20, 2010

The Joke's On Us...

We actually set our alarm clock to wake us up this morning. Hello! When we finally rolled out of bed at 3am, after another sleepless night with the Soph-monster in between us, Jesi was up and completely dressed for school, knee-high boots and all, sitting at the kitchen table doing her homework.

It's crazy that I'm actually looking forward to the day the alarm clock is what wakes me up:)

Good night,



  1. I am truly sorry for what I am about to do:

    An alarm. Ha HA!!

    Now, I will undoubtedly experience some killer insomnia for a week as payback for that.

    And then, you may laugh at me. :D Mornin', Sunshine!

  2. WOW - love that last comment - I wasn't even going to say anything like that or anything!!

    What you really need is some very difficult read impossible to assemble Christmas gifts for the kids so you can pull an 'all nighter' trying to get them all put together while the kids are in bed (note that I did NOT say asleep!) - and then push on for all of Christmas day going to bed at the regular time and 'poof' - your body clock will be all re-set!

    or not.....

    love you guys - aus and co.

  3. Oh man! Something that helps us around here is an herbal tea that has calming effects. At the grocery store they have Celestial Seasonings brand called Sleepytime Tea. When my kids (or us) struggle with sleep, we drink a cup and within about 30 minutes they are sleeping and have a GREAT night sleep, but you don't have the groggy feeling the next day like with medication. Just a thought. The kids love the flavor of it, sweetened just a little bit with Stevia (or you can use sugar), so maybe Sophi (or any of the 10 of you) would drink it cooled down? My niece and nephew who struggle with health issues have a cup every night and are finally sleeping. It's like $2.50 for 20 bags - so worth the money!

  4. Here is more information on them. The kids really like the vanilla flavored, I like them both.

  5. I never did the jetlag thing in Ethiopia, or when I got home. I took a sleeping pill when it was bedtime wherever I was at and never had much of an adjustment which I was VERY grateful for when we got home to Christmas and family adjustments. Thomas was an angel to take care of the kids while I passed out every night. It helped me adjust and take on my new role as a mother of 2 - HA! 2! Sounds so miniscule in comparison, but everyone's different.

  6. Jeremy - Congratulations on the new additions. Just happened to be looking at deseret news today and saw your story. You guys are amazing.



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