Thursday, December 9, 2010


Jesi sings Sophi to sleep:

Lexi plays the "drums":

We get the official adoption certificates!

Sophi uses her feet!

At the orphanage:

Sophi's playroom:

Some like their leis...

...some do not:)


  1. Wow, I've never seen inside an orphanage before. Loved all the pictures and stories shared.

  2. What smiles! And you're already mixing up your kids' names...SOPHI uses her feet!!

  3. Morning guys - I so remember the orphanages - both our kids 'freaked' a little about going there - but when the left there WITH us - it was like the finally really believed that they were going HOME. But hard - don't we know it!

    As for your story Jer - well - just glad that everybody is feeling better! Remember the rules - it was hard for me to during our last trip because everything wasn't a 'strange' to me - watch what you are eating and drinking my brother - they need you right now!

    love and hugs to all - can't believe the pics - HOORAH is about the only word that fits!

    aus and co.

  4. We've been following your story, and have been so blessed by it! We will be following you to Luoyang in a few months to get our little girl, I'm pretty sure that is her crying in your last picture!

  5. Thank you for the pictures from the Luoyang Orphanage - my grandson came from there, but we hadn't seen pictures of the orphanage. He arrived in Denver on Christmas Day, 2008; almost 3 years old and wearing 18 month size clothes and hardly able to walk. Now he a happy, healthy, affectionate boy who loves to run; he is a wonderful blessing.
    The smiles on the faces of your two new daughters just warms my heart! God bless you all!

  6. YAY for pics!!!
    Christi--I agree with Becky in one of her previous comments--you are GLOWING!!! :-)

  7. Those have got to be the sweetest girls ever. And the flexibility that little Sophi has is amazing!

  8. Absolutely PRICELESS!!! LOVED all of the pictures. These girls are so beautiful! All four of them. What wonderful big sisters to be taking such good care of their younger sisters already.

  9. What an amazing mommy and family you are!! Enjoying your pics and journey to your new additions :)


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