Monday, December 6, 2010


Ready to go get the girls!!!

Anxiously waiting...

...and waiting.

There's the van.

Here comes Lexi!

Precious first moments:)

Here comes Sophi!


  1. Congratulations! Beautiful pictures!

  2. Yay! So so so excited to see pics! Can't wait to meet them in person. Love you tons!

  3. We're all so excited for you!!! Those girls are PRECIOUS!! I can't wait for our children to meet their new cousins - but we'll give your family plenty of time to bond with each other first. Wow!! So much LOVE in those photos - yours as well as the love of the ladies who were bringing you the girls. I can't help but think of those precious women helping care for God's children. The women looked so happy and so full of love. I know God watches over them as He does all His children. Thanks so much for the pics - they are worth a thousand words!

  4. I could feel the spirit of the moment through those pictures. Thank you for sharing this- what a beautiful event in the life of your family! I am so touched by your faith.

  5. I have never visited your blog before, but just reading this post brought tears to my eyes.

  6. (happy. contented. sigh)

    Congratulations, Green family!!


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