Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Numbers of...

Can you match the numbers?? Maybe I'll send a Perplexus to the person who gets the most right! I say maybe, because my list of things to do is so long that I'd be crazy to promise anything right now. (:

1. Bananas that Jeremy recently bought during one trip (and which we ate ALL of)
2. Christmas decorations I have taken down
3. Times I run the dishwasher every day
4. Kids Jeremy took to church all by himself when I was sick on Sunday
5. Doctor appointments we had during the first two days of this week
6. Little tiny pieces of toilet paper I had to comb out of Elli’s hair after she put a roll of toilet paper in the tub with her
7. Loads of laundry I am behind in
8. Packages of Ramen noodles our family eats in one meal
9. Kids who actually took a shower or bath today
10. Clean bathrooms in my house
11. Science fair projects to complete
12. Kids who have interrupted me as I’m writing this list
13. Times Taylor has asked for a haircut in the past two weeks
14. Additional square feet I would love
15. Darling kids I get to tuck in tonight

Answers (not in order) are:

0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, at least 10, 15, 48, hundreds, thousands, and enough to make me crazy!


  1. Very clever post!
    That's a lot of science fair projects.
    Good luck!

  2. I'll give you the rest of my answers when I get a chance, but if 0 can only be used once, you're ahead of me because that means you have at least one clean bathroom and have put a Christmas decoration away!!! :)

  3. Hey - I'll give this a go - fun stuff and your typical clever, witty, and mostly happy and loving self (nice work - you are WAY tougher than me!!)
    1) Banannas - 48
    2) Decorations - 0
    3) Dishwasher runs - 3 (but we have two dishwashers - now you know why!)
    4) Church - can't be 8, that's later - so 7
    5) Doctor appointments - 5
    6) Paper in the hair - easy one - enough to make you crazy!
    7) Laundry - at least 10
    8) Ramen noodles - I can eat 2 easy - older boys - so 15.
    9) Kids through the shower/bath 6 - which is kind of impressive but...
    10) Clean Bathrooms - 1 (more impressive than #9 BTW!!)
    11) Science projects - 2
    12) interruptions - hundreds (easy answer)
    13) Haircut requests - 4 (process of elimination on that one!)
    14) Additional square feet - thousands!
    15) kids tucked in - easy answer - 8

    love you guys!

    aus and co.

  4. I guess I meant a clean bathroom OR a decoration away. I don't have even one clean bathroom, and our tree and decorations still look like they did on Christmas Eve! We run our dishwasher twice a day, and even then, I still have to wash a lot by hand! As for laundry, I don't even keep track, but I know that if I miss even one day without putting a load in, I get behind by about five, it seems!


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