Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I came home from basketball practice with the boys. Christi sat me down and told me about the significant phone call we received from a specialist about one of our children's health. We discussed the fact that we have at least two more Dr.'s appointments we need to schedule on top of the 16 or so we already have scheduled for February. I told her, "Sorry hon, I need to leave in about 30 minutes for a baseball meeting and I'll be gone for three and a half hours. She responded:

"That's fine. I have this great homemade dinner all prepared for you...in my head. It just never got out onto the table."




  1. Hehe, I love you Christianne! What you lack on the dinner table is seen tenfold in every other aspect of your life!

  2. You guys are so great! I love the anecdotes.


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