Sunday, March 20, 2011

A perfect morning

I love sleeping in on Saturday mornings. Our "big kids" are old enough and sweet enough that they are willing to get up and take care of "the littles" while we get some extra rest. I love it. I love even more when we are wakened by an adorable 7-year-old, all dressed up, handing us outfits she has picked out and ordering us to get dressed and come downstairs to Elli's room. NOW. I love when my outfit consists of a black dress, mismatched accessories, and brown leather boots. I love how she has managed to move the piano bench into the room for our table, and that she wraps a blanket around each of us so we won't be cold. I love the cute breakfast she has prepared. I love how she wants to take pictures. And I love how she leaves the room, saying, "OK, it's time for you to have alone time!"

I don't love how I look in the morning.


  1. Oh my goodness my heart is melting!

  2. Very cool moring routine - I'm loving that - God knows we love you guys!

    hugs - aus and co.

  3. Wow. You guys are good sports and Jesi is delightful!

  4. Sooooo sweet! Those are my favorite breakfasts. They ALWAYS make me smile (o:


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