Sunday, March 27, 2011

Xander's birthday

Dear March 26th,

For such a long time, we begrudgingly referred to you as the date of our “first wedding.” This, meaning the date Jeremy’s family drove hundreds of miles to be celebrate with us, the date for which my mom made over 500 cream puffs, the date inscribed on hundreds of wedding invitations, the date for which my relative made a massive wedding cake that was never eaten… you get the idea. Yes, the very date that we called off our wedding just a few hours before it was supposed to occur.

So… I was thrilled to find out that our Xander’s birthday also fell upon this day. Finally, we could find something else to associate you with. YAY!


The girl who hated being the talk of the town

Dear Self,

When you began the tradition of making breakfast in bed for the birthday child, you created a monster. It started out so simple—with a couple of kiddos who wanted toaster waffles and chocolate milk for breakfast. How could you have known that you would someday have eight children with long, detailed lists of breakfast foods compiled months in advance?! Sigh. Next time you have to get up early to prepare sausage and eggs on an English muffin, mangoes, berries, donuts, and strawberry milk (Xander’s breakfast of choice yesterday) and you can hardly keep your eyes open, try to remember the happy, sparkly eyes that will soon greet you as you walk into their bedroom. Truly, it’s worth it.


A short order cook

Dear Taylor and Parker,

I love you!!! I love how willing you are to help with parties and even plan some of the activities. Taylor, I love the superhero training course you planned. I love that you included Graci by having her dress up as a princess and telling the superheroes it was their mission to save her. Parker, I love how you said that your superhero power was your good looks! I want you both to know that when I later dubbed you the villains and blindfolded you so that the superheroes could get you with their silly string, I truly thought that you would pretty much just stand there. How was I to know that you would both take off running into the darkness! Taylor, I’m so sorry about your goose egg from running into the shed. And Parker, I really did try to warn you that you were about to run into the rocks. Ouch. You definitely earned “brothers of the year.”



Dear Jeremy,

Thanks for taking their places and becoming the villain. You are a good sport. I know that birthday parties aren’t so much “your thing” but I appreciate you helping anyway. If you didn’t have a fun time, you fooled me!


The party planner

Dear Annie,

You should feel privileged to know that you were the only girl Xander invited to his party. I love how your “superhero” was Jessie, from Toy Story. I love how you pretty much live at our house. I love that you are such a good friend to Jesi, Xander, Lexi, and Sophi. I love that Xander has already decided he’s going to marry you, and that he is sincerely worried he might get too nervous to ask when the time comes. By the way, you should know that Xander has already named four of your children—Belle, Cinderella, Prince Charming, and Larry.


Your future mother-in-law???

Dear Cael,

I don’t know if you remember, but when Xander first arrived here from China, you asked your mom why you didn’t have big leg muscles like him. I want you to know what an impact that one question has had on Xander’s life! His face brightened when he heard about it, and from that moment on, he was more comfortable in his own skin. Thank you for changing his perception of himself.


A grateful mom

Dear Jesi,

I think you make an exceptional spidergirl!


Someone who’s enamoured with you

Dear weather,

Why don’t you ever seem to cooperate with my parties!


Someone who just wanted to keep the party outside

Dear Birthday Boy,

Xander, I cannot express how much I love you. You have exceeded all of our expectations. You are sweet, funny, thoughtful, charismatic, and tender beyond anything I’ve ever seen. I am so proud of the way you have embraced this new life that is yours. I am so grateful that you are my boy forever and ever. I love your sweet hugs, your soft skin, your infectious smile, your helpful nature, and your amazing, beautiful brown eyes that I could stare into forever. Thank you for accepting us as your family. Thank you for your unconditional love. We know that you will accomplish whatever you want to in this life with your determination and spunk. Happy 6th birthday, little Dang Xu Chu.




  1. This is the cutest post ever! Sounds like everyone had a good time (:
    Hope the Big Brother's are feeling better from their injures!
    Happy Birthday Xander!!

  2. Dear Xander - while you were celbrating your 6th birthday with your family - we were celebrating Brianna's 8th gotcha day! Glad that you had a great birthday - somehow knowing your family - we aren't that surprised.

    Love - that other family that wants to meet you IRL someday!

    Dear Family - thanks for just being who you guys are - bumps - brusies - princesses - villians - and SUPER HEROS ALL!

    love you guys - aus and co.

  3. What a great party! I love Xander's future kids' names..."One of these things just doesn't belong here; One of these things just isn't the same!" Poor future Larry...his name is the odd man out.

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  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY XANDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry we didn't call, we were out of town and forgot. We have a present for you, so we need to come see your guys soon. Looks like you had a great superhero party. Love you.

  7. I remember the above story. I hated being the talk of the town as well, but ti happens to the best of us I guess. That's just what happens in Little ol' Emery county. Look at how crazy and wonderful your life is now though. That is how I feel about me crazy and wonderful life also.

  8. aw...happy birthday little man. I can't believe you are still hosting amaze me.

  9. Seriously so awesome. What great big bro's he has. I love the letter posts too. They are my fav!

  10. I'm tired just looking at your pictures. Way to go Supermom!

  11. We need an explanation for the called of wedding for all of us who don't know you IRL!

  12. Thanks for inviting Carter!!! He had a blast. :)

  13. Cael had so much fun! I Love Xander's Big infectious Smile! Love the Green Family!

  14. Your blog is such an inspiration, I found this article and thought of you and your baby girl.

    Thanks for sharing your family!



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