Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kindergarten Graduation

I figure if I do at least three posts a night, I might catch up in a month or so!!!

Xander had his kindergarten graduation a few weeks ago. I am so proud of how far he has come this year. For the whole first half of the year, he couldn't seem to get the concept of letters/sounds AT ALL. By the end of the year, he was reading simple words. GO XANDER!!! I am so grateful for his good teacher, who is patient and loving (he needs both!) and worked so hard on his behalf. I'm also so grateful to have him at such a great school. This year we have balanced having three kindergartners in three different schools-- yikes! Next year, Lexi will be moving to the same school as the other kiddos. Elli will remain at her school (for kids with special needs) and we are so grateful to have her there.

Congrats, X-man, on surviving kindergarten!! I think you are the most handsome guy of the bunch, and I still think you are going to be student body president someday with your awesome personality! (:

Xander with TA

Xander with principal

Xander with teacher


  1. Go Xander!!! And I agree about Student Body President!!!

  2. Wow - well we're glad to have the updates!! Way to go Xander - we're proud of you too - school takes work but you 'stepped up' - yeah - you'll go a long way!!

    As for the princesses - they look beautiful - simply outstanding!! And the event sounds wonderful - what a cool thing to be able to attend!

    And finally - but certainly not least - Taylor. Son, you impressed me so many years ago when we met in GZ - I had the feeling then that you were a class guy - and you didn't let me down one little bit. Son - determination and desire to meet the needs of your family will carry you a long way in this life and the next! And Christi - OK - I don't know where the store is and yada yada like that - but I wouldn't doubt for a second that Taylor would be able to pull that off responsibly - he's got what it takes! Great work son - great work.

    glad that all are feeling better - hugs around - love you guys - aus and co.


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