Thursday, July 7, 2011

More Beach Trip

Our first stop in Oregon was at my parents house in Beaverton. My mom has a variety of wigs that she let the kids try on:)

As soon as we got to the beach house, all of the kids wanted to hit the hot tub:

Jesi Shows off her hair extensions:

Young Bruce Lee:

Tyler and Xander: Separated at birth???

At the tide pools on the Pacific City beach:
Haystack Rock:

Jesi finds a starfish:

Hermit Crab:

Taylor and Parker climbed this HUGE sand dune. Jesi and I did it as well. I was so impressed with little Jess!!!

A tradition on our beach trips is to go crabbing. There is nothing better than fresh dungeness crab!!! We had a huge haul this year, and it's a really fun experience:

My strong and somewhat scary brother, Tyler:

More to come;)


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