Saturday, August 20, 2011

Magnificent Sophi

I was looking at pictures and thinking of how much Sophi has changed this year. She came to us quiet and serious, so much like her referral photo:

I remember so clearly the moment she was handed over to me, all bundled up in her big yellow coat and screaming in protest about being put in my arms. My heart ached for her sadness, and I longed for her to know just how much I loved her, and that she was finally home.

Well, take a look at her now!!

These two are so sweet together. Usually.

Not sure the story behind this one-- I just found it on the camera.

I often walk into the kitchen to find Sophi has helped herself to "breakfast."

Sophi isn't always this messy, but sometimes she just likes to play with her food. I think this time she decided to forego the fork and just dump it out on the table and dive in head first!

Helping herself to breakfast again.

Graci opened the pantry door to find this.

Disclaimer: the pantry isn't usually so full of junk! This was after company and parties.

Sophi likes to help clean, and she is very resourceful in figuring out how to help!

Our little sausage.

Happy 8 months home, baby girl! You are sooooo loved!!

And, these are obviously not of Sophi. I just found them on the computer and thought they were funny. I'm not sure the story behind the bow. (:



  1. Bullets:

    Do you think that Lexi and Sophi will always feels close, since they were born into the fam at the same time?

    Jeremy looks good in a pink-red bow.

    Love the pantry photo! She could get lost in there--haha.

    I gotta say the 'breakfast' photo of Sophi on the floor, looks like she has a bowl full o' Alpo. Just sayin'. HA

    Love your little "sausage".

    Thanks for sharing again so SOON.

    Love, The Iowa Nag

  2. She's so CUTE!
    I like the Alpo comment above...I thought the same thing.

  3. Wow - she's one resourceful lil en! Hope that she always stays that way - and somehow with her folks I think that's a done deal!!

    love you guys - hugs - aus and co.

  4. My kids thought it was dog food too.
    We love updates on your family esp the ones that include pics.
    My son is fascinated w/ kid that have similar difficulties...(right now he has only one limb that works properly.

  5. What did people do before blogs? I love how close I feel to the kiddos through your stories and pictures. The pantry pic with just her legs sticking out is hilarious!

  6. Christi,

    I know this was in another post, but are your boys still looking for an ipod? email me at and i'll tell you about one i know for sale. I believe its a pretty good deal.

  7. Alright, I've decided that Sophie is going to be a dancer. She already has perfect form...look at the first noodle picture-perfect extension and pointed toes. Seriously!


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