Saturday, September 10, 2011

Some pics from my phone:)

If I had to use one word to describe Lexi, "meek" would be a strong contender. There is something so sweet and accepting about her. She can be a bit demanding when she wants something, but that is at least partly due to the culture change she experienced less than a year ago, not to mention how a lack of vision inhibits her ability to observe how other people interact with each other. Lexi has her MRI:

Lexi can fall asleep anywhere...and frequently does. The other day on the floor of the living room:

Graci had a school assignment last year where she was supposed to dress up as a historical figure, real or fictional. Christi is the master of coming up with a fantastic project from virtually nothing. Thinking through wardrobe choices, Christi thought of Graci's "Make-a-Wish" dress. By putting it on backwards, the ties would look like something from the middle ages. Hence, we have...Lady Katherine Rose. (A name Graci came up with herself:)

Jesi receives her t-ball trophy this year. You've never seen a cuter player:)

Sophi with her cousin, Katie Rose, at our annual family reunion. This year we were at Island Park, ID:

Taylor had a birthday party at the park this year. They played night games and had tons of fun:

Graci goes in for her back surgery. What a cutie:)

Christi goes back for her appendectomy. She's not quite as at peace with this process as Graci seemed to be:)

(Almost) All of Grandma and Grandpa Nelson's grandkids. Just missing the youngest two (Soph was taking a nap).

Grandma Nelson with three sleepy girls:

Taylor and Parker visit the "Up!" house. This was part of the Salt Lake Parade of Homes. The interior was decorated just like the movie. VERY cute!


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