Wednesday, October 12, 2011

No such thing as a few minutes alone...

After repeatedly telling the kids that I was busy for a few minutes, (ie. leave me alone, please!) I received this note on my counter:

"Dear Mrs. Green,

I think you will not Be happy about this. Lexi said she needs you. She's in Jessica's room. so sorry to interupt yoour cooking."

The handwriting points to this cutie:


  1. She and Mariah are kindred spirits!
    It was SO FUN to see you guys on the weekend. Did you write down what Lexi said about the baby shower?

  2. too cute. . . I want to know what Lexi needed.

  3. Dear Mrs. Green - great work raising your children to have an OUTSTANDING sense of humor and attitude!

    love - aus and co.

  4. Is she being sarcastic or serious? Either way, it's too cute!


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