Saturday, November 26, 2011

Science Fair Help ADDENDUM

Wow!  Thank you so much for your input-- it has helped a TON!   Keep it coming, please!!

Ok, so this is the deal-- we need more MALES to watch the video.  We are getting a disproportionate number of females/males and we need them to be equal.  So... ask your sons and hubbies, if you don't mind.  (:

A big thanks from Graci and Taylor!  (:


  1. my husband counted 15 passes but did not see the gorilla

  2. female, 14 passes and yes. I will try to get my hubby and sons to watch in the next few days.

  3. female: 15 passes but no gorilla.

  4. If still needed, birthdays of our family are:

    Dad - 7/26
    Mom - 4/3
    Son - 6/2
    and EDD of new baby on the way :) - 5/16

  5. Birthdays:

    Mom: Nov. 19th
    Dad: May 19th
    Son: April 28th

  6. my husband counted 14 passes and yes he saw the gorilla too, (as a matter of fact, he wondered what the heck it was doing wandering through the video)

  7. For the video response...I had already seen that so I knew what to expect. I remember the first time I watched it, I did NOT see the gorilla and was a little disturbed that I could miss something so obvious. There's an amazing analogy for a church talk in there... :)

  8. my 11 year old son counted 14 passes and saw the gorilla. I don't know how that can be true, because he sees absolutely nothing like socks on the floor, his hoodie that he needs right now so he can go to school or the milk jug in the fridge.


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