Friday, December 23, 2011

It's Strep:)

The day before Christmas Eve.  I took 7 of the kids down for flu shots today.  Quite the experience.  Sophi yelled the loudest.  Xander howled the longest.  Lexi totally freaked out when she heard it was coming, but calmed down almost immediately after.  Then she said to the pharmacist: "Thank you for the shot!"  What a cutie:)

Christi has strep.  And a broken toe.  Elli is screaming at the top of her lungs for no apparent reason.  I'm in charge for at least the next 24 hours until the antibiotic kicks in.  It's times like these that make it painfully obvious how inept I am and how much our family depends on Christi.  Questions like: "What do I feed Elli?" or "Is it too late for Sophi to take a nap" indicate my level of competence.  Does anyone else find it strange that you need a license to open a car wash, but there is no vetting process to have a child? 

Well, the wails (now from Sophi, Lexi, Jesi, Xander AND Elli) are becoming too incessant to ignore.  Guess I better be a bit responsible...



  1. So sorry! Wish I were there to help. Love and prayers...

  2. Awww Jer - poor Christi - so hope she feels like tomorrow!!

    Oh - and dude - we're adoptive parents - while we haven't had to "get a license" - we've been vetted deeper than some guys I know to get their security clearances!! ;)

    love you guys - regardless of how folks are feeling I know it'll be a Merry Christmas!!

    hugs - aus and co.


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