Saturday, March 5, 2011

The perfect ending to a perfect date

I'll write more about my date with my boys tomorrow-- I'm too tired right now. But I will tell you how it ended! As it turns out, I was hit with a bad cold last night and was pretty miserable. I drugged myself up enough to take the boys skiing today, and we had a blast. But at the end of the day I was completely exhausted. I knew that I was coming home at dinnertime, and that there would be a lot of kids wanting my attention, and that I owed it to Jeremy to take over. I was not looking forward to it-- only because I didn't feel well at all. But after I walked in the door and greeted all my cute kids, Jeremy sent me in to take a hot bath. He then came and brought me chicken noodle soup and orange juice and told me he was taking care of dinner for the kids.

I have a really, really good man for a husband.



  1. Wish I could say he learned it from me. :( Someday I hope to be just like him. Really.

  2. You really do! It's so sweet how great are to each other...but it's also impressive that you both appreciate it in each other. :)


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