Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Abominable Snow Pants

Jeremy has these awesome snow pants. They are black, bib overalls and are super fluffy/poofy. They make him look twice his size, especially in the "posterior" region. (: I've always been amused by them.

These pictures do not do the "poofiness" justice, but I'll share anyway and add a couple of cute pics of the kids.

Last week he had the opportunity to go skiing with his boss and his boss's boss. As he was packing, I gently suggested (maybe with a little giggle) he consider getting some new snow pants since this was a business ski trip. Jeremy doesn't like spending money on himself, especially when the old pants "work perfectly fine." I worked and worked on him, telling him how much use he would get out of some new pants and how much better he would feel in them. He finally caved and ended up buying himself some nice ski pants.

I was so glad to see this picture he just emailed me of his ski trip yesterday with his brothers. The pants have been passed on to Tyler. (:

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  1. You haven't seen abominable snow pants until you see the brown one-piece snow suit that all of us Green kids rotated through. It fit us at about age 13-15, the EXACT age when you don't want to be wearing a brown snow suit with an orange and yellow stripe down the front to your youth ski trips. The definition of Ug!


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