Friday, March 16, 2012

Christi's Christian Home for Stray Kids and Animals...

Remember Patti? The lost dog who infiltrated our home about 3 weeks ago? In 13 years of marriage, that was the first time we've ever had a stray show up on our doorstep. Yesterday morning about 7am I was making lunches in the kitchen. Lexi, sitting on the living room floor hollers out, "Where's that cat?" I listen closely for a minute and sure enough, I hear a cat meowing. I open the front door, and there's a young cat looking plaintively up at me from the bottom of our front stairs.

What's a guy to do? I've never been one to hide my feelings about cats. I've toned down my rhetoric a bit now that I have children (including one Princess Jesi whose favorite animals are cats), but I still don't hesitate to say that I strongly dislike the creatures. I'm very allergic to them. Their aloofness, even haughtiness, is in direct contrast to the goofy adoration a good dog will show his owner. But here is a cat on a chilly morning, clearly wanting some shelter. So I let her in. (No idea whether it was a he or she, but Jesi insisted it was a girl.) Christi tried a bowl of milk, which the cat ignored. Christi then tried a bowl of cold, leftover scrambled eggs and turkey, which the cat again ignored (can't say I blame the poor thing...what were you thinking on that one, sweetie?).

The cat then explored the house and headed to the basement. A couple minutes later Parker bolts up the stairs and said, "Did you know there's a cat in the house? And it's drinking out of the toilet!" Christi quickly put out a bowl of water, which was eagerly accepted.

We didn't keep this stray very long. After she had something to drink, the cat wanted to go outside again. It had warmed up considerably, so Christi let her out and she didn't come back. The kids think this is a sign that we are supposed to get a pet. I'm not so sure. But if a guinea pig shows up next week...



  1. Now really, if I was in need I would show up at your house too!

  2. Well - animals have good sense about people - better many times than people have about people!

    Still - I'm with you on cats - we have one around - but he's not allowed in the house - and while as cats go he's better than most I'll still take dog energy (read devotion and unfiltered love!!) any day of the week!

    But I always knew you were a "softie" bro!

    hugs - aus and co.


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