Sunday, March 11, 2012

Recent letters from Jessica

Dear Mom
I want to change the wall and make my room filled with princesses inside it. My three reasons are I want it that way because... I need a baby Cinderella doll so I can practice with her to baby sit a real baby when I grow up. And my second reason is because I want some princess makup because I would use it wicely. (wisely) My third reason is... I want a princess dress so I can use it for an immergncy like to go to the princess festival. Love: Jessica

Dear Mom,
I love you! You are a good great mom to me. You are very very helpful. You are a creatve mom. In fact you are the best mom in the hole wide world. You stay awsome and stay fashionble to.
Love: Jessica Anne Green


  1. Congrats as being reconized as what you are - the best mom in the whole wide world! ;)

    hugs - aus and co.

  2. What a perfect princess and her mom. Does that make you a queen? I definitely think so!!!

  3. Ah yes, the well-known princess festival emergency. It can be a tough one to face. How cute is she?


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