Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, Xander!

Our Xander Commander turned 7 on March 26. He was so excited and has been talking about his birthday for months! He chose an omelet with lots of salsa, mangoes, and juice for his breakfast in bed. We had a fun celebration with the family that evening, and he was thrilled to get a new Lego set.

The real fun came on Saturday! Lexi had never gotten her friend party, as her birthday was over Christmas break and we were busy visiting family. We decided to combine parties for the two. A few months ago, we won a party from Munchkin Radio from a benefit auction. They came out to our backyard and put on a great party for Lexi and Xander. I figured since it was in our backyard, that the kids could invite as many friends as they wanted. They both invited their classes from school and a few other friends as well. Needless to say, we ended up with over 50 kids!! This normally wouldn't stress me at all, except that Mother Nature hates me and always seems to know when we are planning a big party. The wind was CRAZY that afternoon. A few minutes before guests started to arrive it really picked up. Decorations were blown everywhere, chairs were tipping over-- it was nuts! I just kept thinking, "In two hours it will all be over!" Thankfully, prayers were answered and it wasn't too bad during the party. We even had a few moments of complete calm. Weather, that is. (; The kids had a great time dancing to music and playing the games Munchkin Radio brought. We had hotdogs, chips, cookies, and popsicles-- all requested by Xander. He and Lexi had so much fun and loved being the center of attention. I was so grateful for a couple of moms who stayed and pitched in when we needed a few extra hands! I am also so grateful for the good friends that these two have. They are a great bunch of kids who have really taken Lexi under their wings. I just love first graders!

I should mention that the party was the same day that we had baseball field clean-up, General Conference, an Easter egg hunt for the blind and visually impaired (beeping eggs and blindfolds for the sighted-- awesome!) and a Jackie Evancho concert. Whew!!! Believe it or not, we stayed smiling all day! It didn't hurt to end it with Jackie Evancho. Make-a-Wish gave us free tickets and she was breathtakingly good. Even better live than online/TV.

Xander, we love you! You are so full of life and love! We are so proud of how far you have come in math and reading-- way to go! You are such a good friend and look out for everyone. Your smile lights up a room. We know that life has big things in store for you, because you are bigger than life! Happy 7th Birthday, X-man!!!


  1. 50 kids at a birthday party?! Y'all are saints. Seriously! Has anyone submitted your names for Parents of the Year?! Xander is sure a cute kid!

  2. Happy birthday Xander!!

    Wow he looks so "mature" in a couple of those pictures - man...

    And a party for 50? You guys go straight to Heaven - you really do!!

    And I love the ideas at the Easter Egg hunt - so extremely cool!!

    love you guys - hugs - aus and co.

  3. 50 kids...that is a lot of presents! Good thinking!

  4. You really have a "heaven on earth." It is so good to catch up on your blog and to know you never have a dull moment. Just love you lots. Dian

  5. Awww...Xander is just two days older than our Peter! Happy birthday sweet boy.

  6. We love this kid!!! He has an amazing love of life and almost always has a cute smile on his face. He has tons of energy and enthusiasm and is very talented with tools and such. He is also very independent tot his age and can do so many things for himself. One special thing about Xander is that he feels for others. I remember his crying when someone else got hurt because he was so sad for them. What a great kid! We are glad you are in our family Xander!!!!!!!


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