Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Utah United for Half the Sky

I blew it.

I was asked to blog about this over a month ago, and kept forgetting. Or putting it off. Or both. And now all of a sudden, it's the week of the race and I am feeling awful that I haven't announced this earlier.

Utah United for Half the Sky is sponsoring a 5K/10K race this Saturday. It will be held along the Provo River Trail (beautiful!) and is run by BYU student volunteers, with all of the proceeds going to orphans in China. If I wasn't going to be at a family reunion, I would be running in this race. Not because I'm a runner, but because this is a GREAT cause! Half the Sky is one of the best organizations out there and they have done incredible things for China's orphans.

Please, if you live in Utah and can participate in the race, consider doing so! If not, I am sure your online donation would be very much appreciated. These students have worked very hard to organize this race and have big hearts for the orphans of China.

Click HERE to learn more.



  1. On my way to the site now - and hey - enjoy the reunion!!

    hugs - love you guys - aus and co.

  2. I have recently added your blog to my blog page for my listeners to enjoy. Would you be willing to add my website to you blog as well or even make a short post about our station? Thanks for your time and consideration.


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