Tuesday, May 1, 2012


So, quite a few people have emailed us and told us that we need to apply for Extreme Makeover Home Edition. That would be so great, except that the show ended a few months ago. In fact, when we told our kids that it was over for good (they LOVE to watch) both Jessica and Xander burst into tears. Poor Xander just sobbed. They were both so sure that someday we would get a home from them that would accomodate all of the various special needs around this house. (: I thought that they had forgotten about Extreme Makeover until last night. Part of Jesi's prayer was, "And please, please bless Extreme Makeover Home Edition to build just ONE more home, and help it to be ours!" Hey, ya never know! (:


  1. I was sad for you guys, too, when I heard it was ending. Yesterday I had the thought about Ellen, too.. What about Dr. Phil, too? I am sure he has connections.

  2. good idea Jen. That's funny cause our family said the same thing..someone needs to pick them up and build a house. Wonder who we could tell...someone's gotta have a connection!


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