Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lovin' Grandpa

We've spent this weekend at Christi's parents house in Ferron. It's been great to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa and to relax (at least as much as it's possible to relax with eight kids at someone else's house)! The kids all have a ball here, and I must admit I'm one of the lucky few who actually looks forward to spending time with his in-laws. Yesterday we went down to the gym and had so much fun as a family. I played basketball with Taylor and Parker (and put out a few sibling rivalry fires along the way:). All four adults took turns pulling Jesi, Elli, Lexi and Sophi on these little four-wheeled scooter things. Taylor and Parker pulled me on one for awhile. Jesi, Xander, Graci, Christi and I took turns playing jump rope games. Jesi made up a broom-hockey type game that she, Parker, Christi, Grandpa, Grandma and I played. Of course Jesi's team ended up scoring about twice as many goals as my team. in other words, it was a really fun afternoon that everyone in the family got to enjoy. Great memories.

The highlight of the weekend was probably Sophi's reaction to her great grandpa (we call him Grandpa Great). Sophi is usually pretty shy around people she doesn't know very well, so we were quite surprised at how quickly she warmed up to Grandpa Great. She just became his little shadow. She wanted to be in his lap. She took his hand und her chin and tugged at him until he got up with her and went on a walk. She kept saying "we love each other" and cuddling up to him. (Sophi is not usually the cuddly type.) Then when Grandpa had to leave, Sophi kind of freaked out. It was just such a cute display of adoration for her Grandpa Great.

Families are such a blessing!



  1. So sweet! One of the little guys in our family used to call Great Grandpa "Grandpa the Great". Fun memories!

  2. Morning guys - I was on a 'road trip' the last week - and then playing 'dad's home' so I haven't been around. Really great stuff this week - lots here! Glad y'all have a grandpa great - he's an amazing man - it shows clearly!! and as for the trips to bed - yeah - I get that too. One of the major things I miss is our bedtime thing here with the littles - all be it somewhat simpler with only three! ;) And finally - about the pizza - good - wouldn't have it any other way - and pizza IS a breakfast food - really it is!! But just one thought Christi - "Pizza for dinner two nights in a row - aren't we great parents..." Yeah sweet friend - you are - don't believe me then ask your kids and please note what they had for breakfast!! ;)

    love you guys - hugs to all - aus and co.

  3. Grandpa Great IS great, isn't he? Brigham latches on to him too, every time we are there. I think the young kids can really sense how special he is.
    Sophi looks so cute - she is getting so grown up!!

  4. Very sweet! You know it made Grandpa Great's day!


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