Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ramen Noodle the Poodle

I had the most tender experience earlier today.  Sophi was having one of her moody mornings.  It was a doozy.  I finally put her on the couch in front of the TV and tried to ignore her incessant whines.  I know, great mom.  I came in my room to check my email and found a message from someone who I've never met, who wanted to know if I had heard of "Ramen Noodle, the two-legged poodle."  She said it reminded her of Sophi.  I actually had seen a video of him before, but hadn't shown Sophi.  I went and got her from the couch and brought her to the computer.  I pushed play on the video, and her face slowly went from Miss Grouchy to Miss Sunshine.  She was enamored, and after a few seconds with her face glued to the screen she said, "Look, Mom!  It's a Sophi dog!"  Bless her heart.

She kept asking for more, so I kept showing her more videos of Ramen Noodle, then moved on to other animals with missing limbs.  She was totally captivated.  After a little while, she planted a tender, sweet kiss on my cheek-- just out of the blue.  I was so grateful for this thoughtful email that allowed me to have such a precious moment with my Sophi, and turn her frown upside down.  (:  Thanks, Janet!


  1. I am so glad she liked it! And I'm thrilled that it gave you a sweet parenting moment!

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  3. Oops! We are actually wondering about a simultaneous adoption, not concurrent. Any suggestions would be Very helpful!!! Thanks! -Donna

  4. What a cute Sophi-dog! It must be comforting for her to realize every once in awhile that she is not alone. I am so glad you showed that to Soph!

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