Thursday, May 17, 2012

A snippet of my life


Try to have an important conversation on the phone.
Get interrupted 5 billion times.
Lock myself in the bathroom and turn the fan on.
Continue to talk and ignore the knocks and Sophi screaming outside the door.
Watch a piece of paper slide under the doorway.
Finish up my phone conversation.
Read the note:  "You have been invited to Rosella's Fashion Show.  Come right now to the living room."
Go to the living room.
Watch Jesi model four different outfits as Sophi accompanies her on air guitar.
Smile as Sophi rocks out.
Listen to Elli sing Mary Poppins songs at the top of her lungs from Xander's/Lexi's/Sophi's bedroom while jumping on the bed.  Smile and think how glad I am that she's not making trouble.
Wonder where Xander is.
Go downstairs to find him pulling all of the books off the bookshelf looking for his very overdue library book.
Get a phone call from the doctor, "Yes, we can call in a prescription for Jesi's strep."  (We knew that's what she had because the boys just got over it.)
Go upstairs and see that Sophi has been playing "Taboo."  By playing, I mean that she has dumped out all the cards and neatly folded a good portion of them in half.  Wonder if I should just throw the game away.
Walk by X's/L's/S's room to find Elli still singing, and totally naked.
Contemplate shooting myself for forgetting to pin her clothes together when she got off the bus.
Put a new pull-up on Elli and try to figure out what blankets/sheets need to be washed.
Look outside and wonder if the boys are getting rained out at their scrimmage.
Walk into the kitchen and realize the kids have been walking through the pile of red hair left on the floor after Parker's after-school haircut.  Take a deep breath, then turn around and ignore it.
Tell Jesi that yes, she can have cereal, as long as she gets some for Lexi, Xander, and Sophi and will let me have 15 minutes of peace in my bedroom.
Feel glad that she finally feels like eating.
Realize I shouldn't have let them all have cereal so close to dinnertime-- ugh.
Realize that cereal could just be their dinner-- score!
Go into my room to find Graci has confiscated the computer for homework.
Kick Graci off computer.
Write this little post.
Listen to Sophi calling me that she's done.
Know it's time to go and clean up that hair.
The end.


  1. So THAT's how you stay so skinny! :)

  2. You need 15 hours locked in your room my dear!

  3. Y'all forgot to swamp out the stalls and feed the hogs - what's with you child? ;)

    Blessings on you and your house - Woodford's Reserve is a proof that God loves man...k?

    hugs - love you guys - aus and co.

  4. I'm exhausted just reading that! Sweet, funny, crazy, kids.

  5. Chuckling--thanks for being real, it makes me feel better :)


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