Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dress Up Friends

Jesi and Xander have a wonderful little friend who lives across the street.  We love Annie!  One of their favorite things to do is to play dress up:

I didn't even TRY to count how many hair bows she had in...

Sadly, Annie's family is moving next month.  We are are all in tears about this:(


  1. :'( how sad everyone will be!

  2. :'( how sad everyone will be!

  3. Great bunch of updates here guys - yeah - loosing friends is hard, I'll tell you a story about that someday - but yeah...

    And the garden - Marie loves that, me - no so much - but I try to buy her the time to do what she likes, when mom is happy the whole world rocks - but you guys know that!

    Jer - nice work taking the kids out too - I've been trying to do that occasionally so Marie can get a break. Did that last Friday and found the kids bedrooms all with their furniture re-arragned when I got much for resting up! ;)

    And finally dear Ellie - so extremely cool to watch our kids grow and develop. Like so many things - we just wish we could get 'inside their heads' sometimes so that we could know what they were thinking and feeling - but still to see the glimmer....somehow I just know I love that little girl!!

    And so - wow - like always!!

    love you guys - aus and co.

  4. PS - one of these day's I'll proof read before I hit the enter key - most importantly - please forgive me Elli Mei - I DO know how to spell your name!!

    hugs - aus and oc.


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