Monday, June 18, 2012

Planning Session

Many Saturdays Christi and I are organized enough to start the day with a planning session.  It usually gets started fairly late in the morning, but it still helps us to get the important things done.  Here is what our outline looks like if I am taking the notes:

Here's what it looks like when Christi (and Sophi) takes the notes:


  1. I did not post more than once. Can you delete?

    1. I got rid of the extra comments, but I have to wonder if Debbi is on to something...:)

  2. larita- i think you are just stacking the deck, the ballot box. . . :) too funn. aunt debbi

  3. Love it!! That is so much like us - except Don would have created a spread sheet with Excel. :-)

  4. Jeremy, you are a scheduler after my own heart! Christi, you are a doodler after my own heart!

  5. Don't even go there - what are notes? ;)

    love you guys - aus and co.


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